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Your people are our purpose. Outcomes matter to us because we know they matter to you and your employees, customers, and communities. We’re analytical, creative, and focused on improving your business outcomes through better engagement inside and outside your organization.

As your trusted advisor, our passion is creating clarity from complexity to help you deliver better business outcomes with your teams, customers, and communities. We offer fit-for-purpose solutions in assessment and analytics, internal and external stakeholder engagement, and technical communications and training for industry, government, startups, and more.

As your people partner, we help you:

    • Engage your key stakeholders to drive meaningful results
    • Excite your employees and customers to take positive action
    • Empower all your people and partners to be successful


MacKenna Perry, Ph.D.

As President of Clarity Scientific, MacKenna is an enthusiastic believer in the value of community and workplace health, safety, and well-being. In her work, she focuses her talents on designing science-based and data-driven best practices that meet the needs of both organizations and their stakeholders. MacKenna works with public and private organizations to improve outcomes in employee engagement, community relations, reputation management, worker well-being, and more. A lifelong advocate for the power of a smile, MacKenna’s passion is to help shape healthier, happier, and better-performing workforces.

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